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Hello Puff Masters!

Today is the 1st of May! Whats the big deal right???? Well.....

A wise (I imagine stoner like) man once told the story that April‘s showers 🌧 brings May flowers 💐🌺🌸🌷🌹🌻🌼🍃 Well, come to find out he was right!

On March 20, 1920, It began to rain ☔️ it started off as light rain and as the days went past the rain grew heavier and heavier. No one alive had ever experienced anything like it, not even a meteorologist! Everyone had lost hope that it would someday stop raining 🌧 and very few ever went outside anymore.

Well on May 1, rays of sunlight 🌞 so bright began to peak through the skies! Everyone ran towards the outside shouting and crying tears of joy 🤣 when they made it out the trees that were once bare and even the grass had bloomed into gigantic CANNIBIS PLANTS!!!! But no one knew exactly what they were and didn’t care. Everyone everywhere began pulling out their chairs & BBQ grills for old time sake.

Well, as they were grilling pieces of hot charcoal fell into the grass ( now cannabis plants) activating the psychoactive ingredient, THC causing everyone who inhaled it to become so high they didn’t know what hit them! They laughed, and partied until the next day! After that day 4/20 became widely celebrated and highly anticipated across the nation.

For this reason, our members are able to purchase $50 3.5g of Premium Flower TODAY ONLY!


THE STORY IS SIMPLY A “Tale of A Stoner”

This product will be located in the shop under May Flower! 1 DAY ONLY

Autumn Shelton


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