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Loyalty Rewards





With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards.



Earn 1 Canna-Buck for every $1 spent on each and every order! 



Gain rewards when you refer your friends & family encouraging them to try out our brand!


1. Do I need to be a member to earn and redeem points? 
YES!​ You MUST be a member and logged into your account to earn points
2. How do I become a member?
Great question! On the home page of our website, click the drop down (=) menu select Log In enter required credentials and click Sign Up. Guess who's officially a Puff Master? You bet you are 😅 

3. How many Canna-Bucks do I need to redeem a reward?
Minimum, you'll need 100 Canna-Bucks 💰 to redeem a reward.

4. Does my rewards expire?
Yes. Rewards expire 90 Days from the date issued. You wouldn't allow cash money to expire so don't allow Canna-Cash to! 🤗

5. If I lose access to my account, will I be able to retrieve previously earned rewards?
No❌. Be sure not to be too stoned when you create your account so that you remember your credentials. Lost or expired Canna-Cash will not be re-issued under any circumstance.

6. How many rewards can I redeem on a single order?
A maximum of ONE reward can be redeemed per order.

7. Is there a minimum purchase amount to redeem a reward?
YES. Please refer to reward summary for minimum purchase amount.

8. Can I use my reward on any product? 
Absolutely. Just like cash, you can use Canna-cash to purchase anything in our store!🤑

9. Is there a limit tom how many friends or family members I can refer?
NOPE! Don't say I told you but, we sometimes do random raffles and giveaways to customers with a substantial amount of referrals! Shhhh 🤫 

10. Is the rewards program retroactive? No. 😣As much as we truly love and appreciate our grand-fathered customers, we are unable to issue rewards for previous orders. 



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